Gennaros Hair Salon - Would not recommend this place to anyone - worst experience ever!

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I was so disappointed with this experience. I went to get highlights and a cut and ended up with uneven hair, purple streaks, and hair all over my face and clothes.

I had an appointment and so did another lady and then he took a walk-in client. He ended up juggling the 3 of us and me being a new client using a package coupon I got the worst service. He catered to the walk-in client because he had to be done by a certain time. I was there first and was the last to leave - over 3 hours. He left the highlights in way to long and ended up with bleach blond streaks in my hair that he then proceeded to cover with purple dye that he had left over for the other lady. The cut was uneven and choppy. I ended up with dye all over my face and on my sweater.

He was avoiding calls on his cell and his business phone. Gennaro's brother (who sat with his feet up on the front desk) telling him the numbers who were calling would tell him the beginning of the number and then he would tell him not to answer. He then said if I paid in cash it would be way cheaper - there are no prices posted an I was suppose to get 50% off the highlights and still ended up paying to much.

Do not recommend this place to anyone. Save your money!!

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